Choosing the best baby monitor

Choosing the best baby monitor

When you have a baby you need a baby monitor.  This will allow you to get things done while still keeping an eye on your baby.  The question is how do you choose the right baby monitor.  There are dozens of different choices so it is important to know how to choose the best one for you and your family.


You will likely want the monitor to be portable, at least the receiver part.  This means that you can take the receiver with you as you make your way around the house.  You will want to look for a baby monitor where at least the receiver has a rechargeable battery so that you can charge it and take it with you throughout the house.

Number of Receivers

If there is more than one person that will be monitoring the baby then you will want to get a baby monitor with more than one receiver.  Some come with more than one monitor too so that you can set up more than one either in the baby’s room or in different areas of the house where the baby will be throughout the day.


How big is your house and your yard?  This will determine how much range you need in the baby monitor that you choose.  If you stick close to your baby then 200 feet is a good range to shoot for.  You can take this figure and determine if you will need more range.  For example, if you have a pretty big back yard and you plan to garden a bit while your baby naps, you will need more range, such as 500 feet.  If you go outside of your monitor’s prescribed range you risk not being able to see or hear your baby.


If you want to ensure no interference, go for a digital monitor.  This will not negatively interact with a cordless phone or with another baby monitor closeby, such as if you live in an apartment and the next door neighbors also have a baby monitor going.  If you have a cordless phone, you definitely want a digital monitor or else you risk interference problems.

Light-Up Monitors

These are neat in that they light up when your baby cries.  So, if you are working from home and still need to keep an eye on your baby, you can use this because you will not hear the baby crying.  This is a really good thing if you take a lot of business calls throughout the day.  This is also a good feature if you are hearing impaired.  You can simply keep an eye out for the lights and not have to worry about not being able to hear your baby when he or she starts to cry.  If you have the grandparents babysitting and they cannot hear well, this is another time where a light-up baby monitor will work very well.  Just be sure to keep the receiver close to you so that you can see the lights when they do light up.


Some baby monitors have an intercom feature.  This will allow you to talk to your baby when you are not in the room.  For example, if you hear your baby stirring a bit, you can talk to him or her soothingly to put him or her back to sleep.